A treasure amoung treasures: An awsome book any gay should read

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I'm not even half way through the book Dream Boy, and I already am amazed at it. It is filled with so many different aspects of two boys that I am left totally ineffable. It's beweildering how something like a book can communicate on such a level that it seems no one can possibly comprehend how I feel.
At first, when I opend Dream Boy and read the first chapter I was like: Gosh, ya know, this does sound boring. Jim Grimsley seems to have a writing style that bores.
But as I kept on reading, knowing that there had to be something possibly entrancing about the book, perhaps later on, I discovered that Jim Grimsley by no means writes in a way that bores. Its simply the perception of his text that settles within the mind what is percieved that can make it boring. However, I read on, I paid thirteen and a half dollars for one hundred and ninty five or so pages. Like hell I'm not going to keep reading.
It got so much better. Jim Grimslies way of writing may be simplistic I will admit at times at least. However with his simplicity comes the basic outline of everything important in the story. Because of some of his simpleness, the story blossoms in detail, creating within my mind every aspect of emotion and feeling that could possibly be going through the boys minds.
I've found, that Jim tends to notice small things. I've noticed within myself that when I write a story that has alot to do with small things it simply becomes overburdened with cumbersome detail about stuff I see important, which thus keeps the story from progressing.
However when Grimsley writes about the small things, he does it in a way that captures the puriest of the small things essance. When the boys share a intimate hug for instance. I guess that it takes a mind that can spot the small things though. Cause obviously if he spent all his time writting about the small things he wouldn't have made such a small book. I'm not going to break the paragraph down, but its filled with things that give away at least one thing. Emotions. The act of holding each other is a signification of the emotions the boys have for each other. And that's just one of the emotions!
Anyways see if you can't spot things of signifcant detail within this really small paragraph. I think its pumped with juicey details. I hope you can spot them, If I could I buy this book for everyone.
"The press of his body is familiar and heady. He traps Nathans head against his chest. They hold still against each other, breathless through silence, till the distant drone of a truck motor warns them of itself. Roy releases Nathan unhuriedly."
The thing I love about Grimslies writing style is that it does capture everything I've always wanted to be able to capture in such a way that presents all that wants to be presented, without consuming an overly large amount of pages.
He does it in a tender, sincere way too.
this book isn't just a gay novel. I recal reading the first few pages and thinking things about one of the main characters and then being surprised when I find out my assumption was wrong, and to top that, that the details provided were itreaging me into the very deepest depths of the book.
NO when I say this isn't just a gay novel I mean it. This isn't just "so and so was gay and knew it for some time. So and so was in love with so and so's friend and decided to take a risk and flirt with him." It's nothing like that.
Grimsly doesn't even state in the book in anyway, directly anyways, that Nathan is gay. He manages to capture Nathan in such a way that you totally make up your mind for youself about Nathan, which makes it so much more genuine in my opinion.
Honestly, would you rather read a book about this gay person... or a book about a person who is just living and happens to be different, and then struggles to find out his way and place in life?
I find that my last few paragraphs have lapsed in signifcance. The don't seem to have as much power, umph, as my begining ones. So I will leave with this statement. Everyone should read this book, especially the teenage boys who find themselves struggling with being gay.
Mind you I've heard it has a bad ending, but I haven't gotten that far yet and I don't skip ahead.
Please take my advice, and do something about this, simpy read

Dream Boy, By: Jim Grimsley


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Jim Grimsley

i love Jim's works. you NEED to read the follow up novels in this sequence, they tie up the loose ends. annother good book is "boulevard" my spelling might be off, sorry, and "the summer they came". it sounds stupid but thats practically all i did this summer was read gay fiction... yah... i lack a life sumtimes...
anywhoo... ¡Ciao!,

-Tu eres el sol de la madrugada en mi corazón, y me tocas como la luz a la tierra.
~Michael V.

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Well do you have to be Gay to

Well do you have to be Gay to read it?
Cogito Ergo Sum

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why would you have to be?

I'm sorry, I feel like I've implied something i didn't mean, no you don't have to be gay in anyway to read the book. If I made an implication towards you have to be gay, I simply meant that if one is not gay one will probably not have an open enough mind to understand an accept the properties presented in the story.
Once again, sorry if I implied something wrong.

Its the little things that make the big things.

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I understand now.Thank you fo

I understand now.Thank you for clearing it up.
the Quitty

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