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ok, well i'm kinda confused about some of the gay rights. i am from connecticut (US) as far as i know gay marriages aren't legal in connecticut; but gay couples are aloud to adopt in connecticut. where's the sense in that? then it says that often times gay couples are denied adoption (rather than individuals) because they are required to be married. ok, so they won't let gay couples get married in connecticut, but they will allow them to adopt, then they say that you must be legally married to adopt....wth?? how does this make sense? im am sooooo confused right now.


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im pretty sure its not legal to adopt

im from missouri and my moms are adopting. You are not allowed to be gay when adopting. there is actually a part of the process that requires you to state that you are heterosexual, especially if you are not married. It's not legal, but there are loopholes in the system which allows gays to adopt, though its basically in secret. i'm not sure about the specifics but thats the basic idea.