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I am leaving next year to go to Denver one way or another
The plan was to go to Tennessee but it looks like
with my car out of comusion that I won't be able
to go anywhere and I really need to get out of here
so its I can pay my own way to go to Tennessee or
have someone else pay for me to go to Denver I picked
the latter. I think it will be fun to go to Denver
and learn what I need to about running a business. THis
came up just recently about me being a night manager
to the store I am working at know. That I have the expiernce
in the business to run a store like that and keep
it in line for morning managerment when they came in
Yet I am hearing a lot of bitching about people
who don't know there place and trying to raise
above everyone before they know what they are doing
and that piss's me off because I have more expierce
right know than some of the people he wants to pick
for manager night and day shift and out off all
of them I only see two who would work one on
morning shift and one on night shift.
But hearing what people under me think is hard
because they don't know me and they don't know my
history and for them to say they do is really
just stupid because they only way they can know
me is if they would stop running their mouths about
what I am like and listen to what I really am.
Its amazing what I learned when I finally decide
to shut up and yet I know it seems like I have
different personality but that because I am trying to
be who I am and still seem like I have a secret
that people don't need to know.