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I feel like one mintue my emotions are being played
with and the next they are just what they use to be
and couple that with whats been going on and its
no wonder I am having panic attacks. I am also still
doing research on this RPG game I am helping with and
it seems like I am running out of time to do stuff
because I know what I would like to have done.
Today I talk to the girl I worked with. She is
really cool and she is not labeling herself just saying
she likes who she likes. Which confuses me because
one mintue she'll flirt with me and the next she
is talking about this girl who friend knows that
she wants to hook up with and I am so confused that
I just want to get away from her for a little and
see if I can think about myself and get everything
fixed. I have stopped cutting. BUT Thats the only
thing I have stopped I have taken up other bad habits
and that is not a good thing. I am just taking it
day by day and trying to decide what is best for me