and... Oasis eats me alive

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and there it is
everyone eats me alive
even good friends
and all I was trying to do was give advice and educate people on what it was like

I wasn't forcing anyone to break up
get a grip
yall are too fragile

anyways today im leaving for new york!
and I bought Flash Studio MX 2004!!!!!!

so I need suggestions on what to make
I've had a little experience but im still a noob to it all


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Hope you didn't pay top dollar for it, since the new version just came out.

I wouldn't worry about the other post. If anything, I would wonder why they feel the need to be so defensive. I mean, the best way to disprove your post is to last as a couple, not say you're wrong. Actions always speak louder than words.

(I didn't promote you to the front page, heh)

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im not paying like 500 bucks

im not paying like 500 bucks for it I got it for free =P!

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yeah at least ghosba had the balls to say hes sorry

HATE is a strong word, but so is LOVE

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The Catholic Church are only trying to give you advice and show you what it's like with their doctrines on homosexuality.

Two sides to every coin.

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??? why are you going to NY

why are you going to NY for???
LUCKY bastard!