Another Day In The Life Of...

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The last couple of days were the kind of days where the few little requests you had
for yourself of things you didn't want to have happen actually happened...
seeing people you don't want to see
not being able to find the book you want to read
no snow yet
But the good news is...........................................
well, I don't know the good news right now.

I have a funeral to go to for my former boss. Didn't like the lady much, but all
in all she was a good person. She survived cancer, twice. Had diabetes. And wasn't
the most physical fit person. Age was catching up to her, but I don't believe it
was her time to go. I didn't leave my job with her on good terms, but I feel I need
to give the woman her final respects and words of praise to her. I mean, hell, she
was the first person to hire me for a real job. (not sure how real of a job Dairy
Queen was, but it brought in a little extra something something.)
I have a phonecall phobia. I absolutely hate talking on the phone. Probably because
anyone who ever calls me either talks for hours and hours and doesn't shut up, or
wants me to switch to DirectTv because "my cable bill is going to skyrocket."
Stupid assholes.
I'm a very isolated person. I'm not a big fan of having visitors either. So on
Sunday nights, Mondays, and Tuesdays I always have something to do with my friend,
Ryan since he comes back from the Twin Cities after his week at work. Most of
the time, I hate being around him. I hate doing stuff. I'd rather sit alone with
a good book (which I haven't found a good one to read for the week, so any suggestions
please let me hear them.)and some music.
Which brings me to my next evil thing of the week...I looked for that book,
"Geography Club" at all my local bookstores, didn't find it. Which doesn't account
for much since there was 2 new book stores in my town and this used bookstore
which I've actually never went into. That's really weird on my case. But the good
news was the second bookstore I went into I was actually able to order it. Now
I just hope it comes before I have to leave for KC.
I want it to snow. This sucks.


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I absolutely hate phones too. With two weeks to simply read, I recommend β€œZen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

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In the life of...

In the life of ...
Who the hell is...?

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"