Any more?

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My car broke down so I didn't get to class on
Monday but I stood on the road for a while trying
to decide who I needed to call to get me out of this
mess. I finally decide to call Kelly and she came
and picked me up and we got my car towed back to
my house.
Then I got a phone call from my GSA presdient
at the high school saying that there was an emercany meeting
So I got someone to give me a ride to that. Lisa
it seems everything had went fine but she wanted to tell the
group also her parents are not happy and are not
supportive and she needed someone to support her and
she knew we would no matter what. Well
know I am renting a car and had to get a parking
sticker static cling to park my car on campus
and I guess in the end of these last two days I
am so tired that I am ready to pass out and sleep
for eight days straight. Even thought I know that
will never happen. I woke up at 4:56 this morning
and began to get ready for class history had a test
and this is why I am on the nearest computer because I
need something to do before French class starts and
after music I many again be on the nearest computer
because I have no Math till 200pm because I have
switched class wish I could do that with the boring
music class I have. *Sigh*