Art Is the Mirror of the Artist

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This year I'm taking screenwriting as my elective, so for our BIG project we have to write a sixty page screenplay. *laughs*Now, whenver I write, what's going on inside me usually crops up. So, my screenplay is about a gay teen coming to grips with himself and the world around him. Unfortunately, I'm not out, so a part of me is presenting this as a way to lead up to the discussion! They all think it's cool, but inside I'm laughing hysterically.

"This is about me, ha ha ha ha ha!"

I'm not sure how fair this is, but my mind thinks it's a good way to go. Instead of dropping it in everyone's lap like a dead fish ("I'm gay!" ..."Um, okay?") I'm leading up to it, which is what happend in my own head when I came out to myself.

I have to admit, I'm just *praying* for the day when someone will ask me, "So, are you gay?"

"Yes, yes, I'm gay! Now can I talk about my crushes and be myself for a change?"

Then I plan on starting our school's own GSA, and doing all this great stuff. Ah, dreams are so wonderful aren't they? Especially when they come true.

*sweet sigh*

As an explenation for my rather upbeat mood, my friend tried to pronounce French with a totally Spanish accent so I laughed at her for about ten minutes, then tried to show her...then she butchered it again. We both found this very hillarious. She said she's actually going to practise tonight so she can prove to me she can speak French;).

Anyways, my master plan is slowly forming as I widdle my way into out-hood:).