Attention Span of a Beetle...

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I have the attention span of a beetle. Seriously, I'll see like one girl and be like, "Oooooh, pretty girl." Then another one will walk by and it's the same thing. The longest crush I've ever had on anyone is...(this is so humiliating,) Angelina Jolie and it's been like three months. Now I'm moving on...again. Why? Why can I not sustain a healthy interest in something for more than five-seconds?


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Lets put it this way--you kee

Lets put it this way--you keep an open mind. Plus its not like you really like these girls you just find them attractive. When you find someone who is more than a pretty face, you'll like them for longer. Oh and the Angelina Jolie thing isnt that humiliating (or shouldnt be)--a lot of girls (well..guys too but screw them) like her even if they dont think theyre lesbian or bisexual.


*Hopelessly, I'll love you endlessly*