Came Out Tonight

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Tonight I told my best friend, Eli, that I'm gay.
He took it rather well. He was very surprised, but he
said he was happy that I found my true self. He's the
only one I've come out to, but I figured I should tell
my closest friend since like 2nd grade what's been going
on with me. Especailly since I'm planning on coming
out to Sam tomorrow.

There is a huge sigh of relief coming out of my body at
the momment. I'm a little afraid of what will happen with
Sam tomorrow though. I know I should worry too much, but
I can't help it. I know it is something that I want to
tell her. And if things with coming out to her don't work
out, I'll be alright. Tomorrow night I'm going out with
some friends before I leave for Kansas City. (still don't
want to go)

As for coming out, the only time I've ever had this great
feeling was when I pulled a 360 last year snowboarding.
It's a good thing. Very good.


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Thats great I think thats a good start once you start telling more and more people it will get easier Trust me just be proud..

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Thanks a lot. It was pretty d

Thanks a lot. It was pretty difficult, but I took the leap and I'm feeling good. I told Sam tonight, she was awesome about it. YAY! One at a time is all I can do for now. I'm feeling happy as could be right now.

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I am so glad everything turned out all right. Now at least you have one friend to support you! That first step is always the hardest. Congratulations on your will to persevere! I'm glad you're on a roll too. And I'm glad that you'll be okay no matter what happens from now on. Don't be scared, you'll always have us here at this forum if things turn out badly. But somehow I don't think they will. I've found that people won't often disappoint you if you give them the chance. It may sound optimistic but maybe that's just something to believe in. Have fun in Kansas City, but no, can't say I envy you on that... Coming out makes you feel lighter than air huh? Too bad I've only done it once...

Good luck for tomorrow! Got my fingers crossed! I'm happy you found your true self too...

And if this keeps up I'll be going you in: "I'm so happy, I'm floating on cloud high..."


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Congratulations on taking

Congratulations on taking the first step!
It was so hard for me. The only reason I found confidence enough to even tell one person, is because my friend came out as a lesbian. I told her, because I knew she would be accepting. And she was. It was her confidence which helped me be honest with my boyfriend (who dumped me, but he obviously wasn't worth it) and for me to have the confidence and self assurance to finally be able to tell my mum.
I came out to most of my friends over facebook, it's easier than face to face.
Finally, yesterday, I made the step to change my facebook 'Interested In' to men AND women. That was such a huge relief. Now anyone who wants to know, can have a look for themselves.
Good luck with the hardest part, members of your family. :)
Honor Louise :)

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