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someones forum the other day about getting too far into the gay scene and becoming just "the gay kid" got me thinking and when i read this in a book (its a bit random out of context but anyway) i thought id post it. it made me think.

"The Centipede Story"

"One day, a centipede is sitting in the garden minding her own business having a nice time in the sun when a worm comes along and starts chatting.
"My what a wonderfull set of legs you have" the worm says admiringly. "Goodness, dozens of them But tell me something, with all those legs, how do you work out which one to put forward first?"
The centipede is flummoxed. Its a queston she doesnt know the answer to and the more she thinks about it the more she cant find the answer and the more the more she cant find the answer the more she stays stuck, rooted to the spot. The question proves the death of her, for she never walks again." - from Crooked Angels by Carol Lee

Dont be a centipede, dont be the gay kid, be whatever you want to because you can. Be yourself.


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:) hear, hear

That's exactly what I've realized about my past gay-centeredness.

Are you hanging on to something useless just because you think it's beautiful?
--William Zinsser