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What makes me cry? Truthfully, very few things have that impact on me. I may hear or witness something profoundly serious and heartrending, even something that concerns me closely, in spite of all that, I very rarely cry. It has been years since I last cried involuntarily.

I mean; I don’t feel like I’m short of empathy, nor love for others. Sure, I may seem cold and decisive on the surface; but that’s just like a mask - a role I play in order to protect myself. It takes considerable effort on my part to let that guard down. And I expect the person I do it for to do likewise.

My insides are actually quite unstable and volatile, and I often feel like I want to rip my hair out or hurt someone when facing frustration. I can go for days, thinking and worrying about what some one has said to me or about me. Words sting the most I find, especially the ones coming from people I am close to and care about. So I’ll immediately start asking myself:
“Is this what other people think too? - Hmm. Must be.


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I know how you feel you are talking the master of mo cry! I don't wear my emotions on my shoulders, and nothing really gets to me!

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Personally. I used to cry a l

Personally. I used to cry a lot

I don't show any emotion anymore
I feel like I just don't care enough to cry anymore
and then there is the shit about men hiding their feelings?! yeah some men do hide their feelings, but you can't say all men do. Some people men and women just don't feel the *need* to cry or show emotion

I sure don't

HATE is a strong word, but so is LOVE

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Its so mysterious like that.

Its so mysterious like that. I hope that you find that special someone who you can finally connect with and share your real self with, becuase its so important to be yourself when it comes to acceptance.

Its the little things that make the big things.