do you beleive that if your in love you and your partner will never fight?

yes, why would we?
3% (1 vote)
yes, but it takes a lot of work
0% (0 votes)
no, but we shouldnt fight a lot
50% (17 votes)
no, love takes a lot of work
44% (15 votes)
im not quite sure
3% (1 vote)
Total votes: 34


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My girlfriend & I used to fig

My girlfriend & I used to fight more than we do now. It's hard when you live in different cities, but we're doing a lot better now.


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No, Love Takes a Lot of Work

I've been with my fiance for about a year and a half, maybe a little more; and if there is one thing that I have learned, its that you are going to fight no matter what. This becomes even more propable when you move in with each other, there is that large time frame that exists where you have to become attuned to each other. You have to get used to each others quirks, make decisions together, and learn enough about each other to understand what the other's goals are. Love is by no means easy, it takes a lot of work, and that work never ends, but the Love also never ceases to pay out for all of the work put in. Love is not for the weak of heart, you have to be ready for anything, including fighting with the one you love. After a time the fights are farther and fewer, and eventually there is a kind of Utopian atmosphere to the of yet I have not yet reached Utopia, I think it will be many years before I do, and who knows, I may never see that first Utopian Day, but I will enjoy the journey none the less.

"Two Hearts That Have Been Merged Is Marriage; Two Souls That Have Been Merged Is Fate."