Do you go to a Catholic school, and if so, how do you feel there considering their doctorine on homosexuality?

Don't go to one!
86% (6 votes)
I go to one, and it isn't a problem for me:).
0% (0 votes)
I go to one, and I'm scared how people will treat me if I come out.
0% (0 votes)
I go to one, and it makes me uncomfortable during religion class, but that's all.
14% (1 vote)
Total votes: 7


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haha. i went to one in high

haha. i went to one in high school. i'm glad those days are over. i didn't realize how repressive the silence was.

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Well it depends, I love my sc

Well it depends, I love my school (Catholic All-Girls High School). We have a lot of fun, and many of te teachers at my school are okay or even open to LGBT's. Actually quite a few have close relatives that are LGBT. Also we had a boy graduate from our school, he was a FtM, but the school let him finish all the way. The counsolers help a few of my friends come out to their parents and my counsoler is helping me with that process right now. We don't have a GSA though because some nutcase parents call it immoral so we go around their backs and place our Amnesty International Club take over any GSA activities we participate in. Yeah, you know it is just a matter of chosing the right school.

I used to hate it, before I went to an all-girl-school, how all the boys I knew would say "I bet you will turn out to be a lesbian by the time of our reunion," little did they know I was already one. Heheheh Those bastards threw my desk out of a window

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duno, but i do have a dream

i dont know, but i have a dream: a dream that the girlz all have pillow fights in there underwear at night. i love being bi