Dream Boy

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OH MY GOD It is now official, ya'll have to read Dream Boy. It is a supreame example of utmost sincerety and a tremdously achieved coming of age story about two boys. With pain and violence the two only find the beauty and acceptance that can be so hard to find under normal circumstances. Its plain and simple. clear as glass. Everyone needs to read Dream Boy, hell I think that it should even be required reading!
Anyways I need to hit the sack, hope I'v enocouraged someone to read Dream Boy, and I also hope I don't sound like I'm on Reading Rainbow. LOL


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Sounds good,I was thinking ab

Sounds good,I was thinking about reading it anyway.
Cogito Ergo Sum

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who's the author? sounds like

who's the author? sounds like a good book, i wanna read it.

iF yOu gIvE it wiNgS, it wAntS tO flY aWaY.

-Billy Merrell