Find someone to trust

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I find that maybe I can't and this thought leaves me
numb. I don't feel much of anything these days and
I am walking around feeling like shit because of
it. The only place I even see emotions are in my singing
when I am being the only person I know how to be
and then even in that moment I feel lost
I don't even feel like I need to be around anymore
and then I relize what I am thinking and want to smake
myself and I relize that I am not sure of myself
or of the people around me and the people I use
to trust I shy away from know before I end up with
my broke heart in my hands and back in line waiting
to have it done again. And so in the last five days
I haven't had school or work and I haven't left the
house and today is my first day out and I don't
want to be here there is nothing to make me stop
what I am doing to myself no magic, no hope no wand
to wave over it and make it go away. Its just
been so long since I have felt human that I am not sure
I can.