Friends who adore gay men, but aren't fond of lesbians????

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My friend Sam and I are HUGE snowboarders. We can't wait until the snow falls
and we can get out on the hill and have total freedom. She called me today because
she wanted to tell me about this snowboard she found at Scheels All Sport. (Great Store)
It was like a 126, burton chicklet or something like that, and she had my niece
in mind. And it was like $130 bucks. (that's a super good deal by the way)
We have had the go ahead from my brother and "the bitch" to take her out
boarding since she was three, she's almost five now.
Sam is the one person I want to tell that I'm gay to, but I know how she feels
about gay females. She absolutely adores gay men, but her thoughts on lesbianism
aren't so kind. I find it to be strange that she doesn't like lesbians but
gay men are okay? How does that really work out?
Sam has been there for me since I moved here 5 years ago. I was going through
a depression stage which involved cutting, and she was there for me. She brought
me to get help, speak to someone who knew how to deal with it better. And then
a few years later I got to help her with the same problem. She knows pretty much
everything about me, except for this one thing. The big thing too. I hate not
being able to be brave enough to tell her what's going on in my life right now.
I feel she needs to know. But I'm afraid that she won't want anything to do with
me anymore.
I know it's pretty stupid since we have this great relationship, but personally,
if I tell her and she wants nothing more to do with me I won't have anyone. At
least not anyone I can really talk to face to face.
We're going to hang out sometime here in the future, do you think I should
get my act together and just tell her about my sexuality or wait until I feel
totally comfortable with the whole situation?


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Could it be....


I was thinking that could sam be against it because she her self is trying to work out wether she is a lesbian or not. People do tend to do that because they are not enteraly sure about their feelings.


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definetely hard

She sounds like a great friend.. sounds a bit like my situation. My friend is awesome, we have a lot of fun and i've known her for ages.. but she is a little homophobic even tho she adores gay guys. I really want to come out to her but I'm afraid that she will freak out and not want anything to do with me anymore.. i guess we're both scared of losing a great friendship. Maybe if she's been there for you for other times.. she will accept you for being gay. I know it's hard to decide whether or not to take that risk, but sometimes things turn out better than you think. But I dont know if you can take my advice since I still haven't told my friend about me.. hehe. Good luck with it :]

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i know what you mean. there

i know what you mean. there are a bunch of people at my school who seem to love gay guys but have this thing against lesbians. i have no idea what it is...apart from craziness.

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most of my friends used to ha

most of my friends used to have that opinion too. they love gay guys but girls was a different story. yet once i came out to them and they saw any girl could be gay they where fine with it! some even said to me lesbians used to maek them so uncomfortable and they thought it would have felt weird for a friend to come out to them but when i did it didnt seem weird like they thought it would. they didnt care. id say tell her, she will most likely be great about it, that sounds like the type of person she is - good people will be accepting on most issues, she'll come through for you. good luck!

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