Get out and be Happy!

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I might be hated for this but right now I really don't care.

I'm just tired of people who waste their lifes on the internet. Get out and do something worth a while. Live your life, please!

And really it doesn't matter if your gay. Some people are always going to to have a problem with that. Just try and be happy. Come out when your ready. If you still have doubts about your sexuality, you're not ready. Use your fucking common sense people!

Now am i being a hypocrite? Maybe, but fuck it!

Now I'm gonna go home, have dinner, calls some friends and chat. There, it's that simple! Life doesn't have to be interesting. Sometimes just don't think and do something stupid, which might turn out to not be as stupid as you think. Laugh about yourself. Life is crappy but you can still be happy.


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Funny, for someone yelling at

Funny, for someone yelling at us to get a life, you seem to feel the need to **spend time and post on the internet**

And who gives you the right to tell everyone what to do in a sweeping statement? Not all of us are struggling with being gay. I'm not. I struggle with relationships, work, assholes at school (who were jerks to me even before I came out). SO technincally, I have no problems with my sexuality. I post here for help with the other stuff.

And sexuality isn't always something you can use (and I quote) "fucking common sense." Common sense would dictate that I would never come out, cuz my father and brothers beleive it will cause the fall of society as we know it, homophobia is everywhere, and "god hates fags" like me. So, when should I have come out? You need to be unsensical to be happy. Sense sucks, shake up your life, its more fun!

YOU can go home and live a boring, blah, dilly dally life, which in the end will mean absolutely nothing to anybody. Me? I wanna go out. I wanna party. I wanna find that special something that we all search for. I ain't gonna find that sitting on my ass having dinner now am I? Even surfing the internet is something. You're meeting new people, seeing new perspectives, laughing, sighing, fighting, crying, makeing up, makeing out, fucking up and getting down and dirty.

Not all of us are okay with our sexual orientation. WE need to talk it out. I needed to talk it out. Others do to. And if you have a fucking problem with that, get off the computer, and don't come back. You'll be happier cuz you won't be worrying about how we all aren't "living the simple life" and we'll be happier cuz we won't have you telling us how stupid you think we all are.

And who says you can't find happiness on the internet? My relationship with Dakota, even with all it's ups and downs, has been the best relationship I have EVER had. Might be the best I will EVER HAVE. Regardless, no matter what comes of it, I am so happy to have met him, shared with him, laughed with him, cryed with him, loved with him. For you to come along and say that I'm foolish for what we shared shows your ignorance.

I am living my life. How dare you tell me that I am wrong to spend some of it online. How presumptuous of you. YOu don't know me. You don't know what my life is like. HOw in hell could you know what's good and not good for me.

SO next time you want to post something like this, telling all of us what you should do, think about what you are doing.

"What is the purpose of life? It is to create our own purpose."

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WHOA!!!!! Ghosba, sweetie,


Ghosba, sweetie, chill out. It's just some random statement. Don't take it to personally. Just because someone tells someone else to do something doesn't mean they're presiding or lording over us. Jesus Christ, lighten up some babe.

And....when in the hell did they mention your relationship with Dakota? They're not speaking to you personally. Please don't get all up in a tizzy, that's probably what they want. Enjoy whatever the hell you want.

"Where the hell is Nebraska?!"

You might never find out that you are useful for all the right reasons - and not all those stupid things that people tell you you're useful for. --Angelina Jolie

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People can post a lot. That

People can post a lot. That doesn't mean that they spend every waking minute on the internet. =)

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