GSAs and Time Magazine :)

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So it was bring-a-friend day at my GSA today, and there were like over 30 people there! Some freshmen even got some middle schoolers to come. It was all energetic and hapy and yay! We're having a GSA bake sale tomorrow, along with putting pink triangles on one in ten of the cafeteria seats tomorrow to top off our Coming Out Week activities. I'm interested to see what will happen to our pink triangles, as people have taken down some of the gay statistic posters we put up earlier... I'm all smiley about it.

AND I was just reading the cover article of TIME magazine this week on gay teens coming out! It's so cool that a mainstream magazine is talking about coming out as a gay teen. It's pretty exciting.

Ok, just had to be all bubbly for a bit and share happy news. I'll go off and giiggle happily somewhere else now. :)


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Thats pretty cool about how m

Thats pretty cool about how many people were at ur GSA today. Hope tomorrow is really cool! Hope all goes well!
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I read the time magazine too!

I read the time magazine too! It was a great article on GLBT teens
around the US. I need to buy a copy of it this week.
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I agree! I bought a copy of T

I agree! I bought a copy of Time last night. I wish our school had a GSA! I might check around to see if I can start one. How exciting would that be??

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That would be wicked cool!

Good luck! :)

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Great idea with the cupcakes,

Great idea with the cupcakes, and the posters. If they tear them down, and your club has the money...replace them. Hopefully they won't bother after awhile.
congratulations on the great turn out also

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That's awesum! Always good to hear good news.

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