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How am i supposed to tell if the guy im in love with is feeling the same way about me. We hang out alot and have been, like, inseparable, and we're getting really close, but I'm confused because said he said he liked this girl (and is always talking about girls) but he also asked me if I liked anyone and if I had ever had a girlfriend and he was pretty interested. I know that we are really good friends and I don't want to risk freaking him out by saying anything but I want to and tomorrow is Coming Out Day. Maybe I should just talk to someone else about it. Please, i need advice.


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Well I totally think the guy I'm in love with it gay and today i just came out to him. Since then though, I haven't gotten a chance to talk to him, but for some reason I feel that since he knows I'm gay, he could come out to me...kind of wishful thinking. Basically, my advice would be to come out. I just did and it feels so great. It can be scary and you might be really nervous about it, but I'd say it worth doubt about it. Good luck!


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good luck!

Good luck! I'm not sure if I have any good advice. What lowell said is probably wise. If you come out, maybe he'll feel comfortable coming out to you too (if he is gay or bi).
Be careful though- perhaps you could test the waters before you tell him- just see how he feels about the issue somehow.
Best wishes!
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