Her Hot Cousin

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okay I just got back from one of my friend's birthday party and we had soooo much fun. okay first we all like played pool. then we had like pizza cake presents whatever. Then she got out her karaoke machine and we were all singing and dancing it was soooo fun. But she had this really hot cousin and omg he was so cute. he was like a year younger than me but whatever he was still really cute. I know I can't ask her about him because she would get really mad or grossed out because he is practically her little brother and most of us know how that feels =]

So I don't know what to do, and I don't even know if hes gay lol
but he has this really HOT russian accent (her family is russian including her).


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oh yeah and Im thinking aobut

oh yeah and Im thinking aobut dyeing my hair green. How bout' it?

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