hi, i'm new here...

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well, i'm new here and just getting used to the idea that i'm a lesbian.
i had this whole journal thing written out before but i hit a button and
it all disapeared, so let's try this again. i haven't come out to anyone,
even though i know several people who would be totally cool without, who
are gay themselves, and would probably help me out... but still, i just
don't feel quite ready to share yet. not to mention i'm at a conservative
catholic school... they're not the most opened minded bunch around here.
besides, i've been so busy with work and school that i haven't even really
had time to think about it, let alone planning what and how to tell people
maybe after midterms... maybe. i definately can't tell my parents just
yet, i don't think they'd be okay with it, especially my dad.
so i'll be waiting till they support me through paying for college, maybe
then i'll tell them, because i feel bad not doing so at all. and yet,
i'd like to finish school first. well, that's all for now.


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Welcome! I've been on oasis b

Welcome! I've been on oasis b4 but i lost password so i couldnt get onto my old name thing...but yea thats not important.

Anywho, i also havent come out to anyone...even people who i know would be cool well except my mom but i told her almost a year ago and i dont really she believes me so yea

~The names Rose~

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welcome back... it sucks that

welcome back... it sucks that your mom doesn't believe you... i sometimes wonder about my mom's reaction because she's always talking about how awesome her gay guy friends were when she was in school but i don't think she'd consider a gay daughter awesome...

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you're her daughter. if and when you do come out to her, i'm pretty sure she'll still love you. it might make her a bit uncomfy at first, but in the end she'll prolly be fine.

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mom's gonna be one of the last people i come out to. good for you ;-). why doesn't she believe you? why would anyone lie about being attracted to the same sex??? silly parents. perhaps she just doesn't want to believe it.

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dont worry

Dont worry little mama you'll come out when your ready.
Until then dont sweat meting a deadline to come out because there isnt one.