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Is HIV and/or and the death sence it once was? Or has the treament of it gotton better?
Also would someone with HIV/AIDS be welcome here at oasis?


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Oh course they would be welco

Oh course they would be welcomed. People shouldn't be ostracized just because they have a disease. And HIV is still a death sentence; it's still incurable, but life surely has gotten better for them.

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It does still kill alot of pe

It does still kill alot of people in underdeveloped countries, however current meds are keeping people alive for niot just years but decades. It is still a major problem pretty much everywhere though. Whether it is because of poverty or governments not doing enough people die from ailments such as pneumonia and T.B. due to their immune system being ravaged by HIV/AIDS. The worst thing about it is we may not have a cure but we can prevent it from spreading. We can't kill the disease but we can end the pandemic. Go to to find out how you can help...sorry about the plug but they are doing some really awesome stuff.

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Everybody's welcome. and wit

Everybody's welcome. and with new medications, people in developed countries are living longer and longer despite aids. everyone dies at some point, there's no reason a disease, even one as serious as aids, should prevent someone from living a full meaningful life, as corny as that sounds.

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Not much chance

It varies. people who are HIV positive aren't necessarily going to develop AIDS. If they do though - then they will die from it at some point - there is a 99.9percent fatality rate. So its fucking awful.
And it killed Mercury

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Everyone's welcome here

We used to have HIV+ writers when the site first launched, and may have some now for all we know.

While HIV is not the death sentence it once was, and treatment has gotten better, there is no reason people should think of it as less of an issue. It takes a lot of meds and their various side effects to keep people at some sense of normalcy.