Hot guys!!!

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How many of you know a hot guy???
Well i do,I know a lot of them.
I think it is bull shit that
they are straight . Why cant they
be gay. Being gay is cool...
The thing about the one hot guy
is my mom and his mom are friends
and when he grows out of his
clothes I get them...I think
he is so dam hot!!!!!!He has the
hottest body also . He was
drinking one day and he said he
wanted to make out with me. HE is only 18
, any ways when he gets to drinking a lot
he starts to act gay....Not saying
that is a bad you dont even
know how bad i want to give him a
head job!!!lol....I heard he has
a big one to . Bigger is better
, I want a boy friend who lives
in michigan who i can trust
and make out with and when i say that
i mean mainly blow jobs , That is cause i love
to suck cock... I have to go .



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I know one...

But he's my boyfriend so it probably doesn't count ;D

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I thinl it is so cool that
you have a boyfriend . The good
thing about gay guys is they
care more about there relationships.
I dont have a boyfriend. I want one so bad .
Just some one to tell secrets to
and talk to when i am sad ...I
was so sad when the gay guy i liked switched
school and he knew i liked him .
he was so nice ... I think i better
get going.~Brian~Wright back soon ....!!!!

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sometimes people in denial use alcohol as an excuse

so u may want to look into that =]

I'd never lie to you
Unless I had to, I'll do what I got to
The you could slit my throat
And with my one last gasping breath
I'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt - Tbs