I Am Sane! And PMS-ing, I Think.

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Alright, time for a feminine gripe-I get seriously depressed around my period. Why, I do not know. But I've screwed around on my birth control pills (because I'm a spacy moron!), so my mood...is lacking in "pep." LOL, your responses to my rant the other night were funny.

Today was better, and I'm really feeling better about myself. I'm still sad about those people, but I know I can stand up to them and handle myself. I came out to this cool guidance counselor at school, and didn't feel embarassed or ashamed at all. I just said, "I'm having a hard time at school because I recently came out to my family, and it feels weird being closeted at school."

It was so simple it was awesome! We had a good talk too, I'm going to see her again.

I've also realized I'm kind of a dog*blushes*. Today was free dress, and this girl I have a crush on (yes, I must admit it to myself! I am capable of tender feeling!), was wearing this really cool outfit which accentuated her...nice attributes. I had fun staring at her during lunch*smiles*. She's really exotically gorgeous, and I'm seriously thinking she might be bisexual or gay. I just have this feeling...*sighs happily*. She plays the guitar really well, sings, is an awesome artist, and really funny. She's got a dark side I like, but I always feel like I screw up around her-I want her to think I'm cool. Which is so embarassing, because I thought this would never happen. I mean, I'm a full on nerd and geek, man!

Ah, the pains of youth!

I amuse myself:).

Anyways, my coming out "plan" at school is going well. All my little hints are hopefully planting the seeds of doubt that I'm straight...yipee! My goal is to be out by the end of the year, and that next year I'll start a GSA.

I'm so excited!

...But I'm not excited about my chemistry homework:P.



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Ah chemistry

I used to complain about chemistry until I finished my chem series, and now I miss it.

Congratulations on coming out to the cool guidance counselor. Good luck with your crush. She sounds neat. :)

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Thanks:). I like chemistr


I like chemistry, but...converting stuff to moles is not fun!*cries*


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This always leads to interesting conversations on my part!

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i had to drop chem, i couldnt do the math

u started doin spectromik enthlapys? they are fukin insane!