I don't know

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I have this deep dark secret and thats the fact
that I hate his guts he thinks he understands me yet her
really doesn't and I can't seem to figure out why
He's just so precious and he should understand
cause he's been by my side the whole time
He should understand I've walked a thosand
miles and hell to be with him yet he want's to turn his
back and throw it all away he doesn't want to see what I've been
thought for him and it makes me mad
Does he look at me and see someone he doesn't want
to know? Does her see me when I'm falling down
i'm losing my grip and standing my ground
falling down and he should see but he doesn't
I stood and walked away one morning I relized
I wasn't going to win so I had to walk away he was so
damn proud because he didn't want anyone to see his weakness and I
think I just got tired of it all.