I love cheerleaders

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I LOVE cheerleaders. Had my first pep-rally on Friday. A girl I have a HUGE crush on is a cheerleader. So, (this is my new algebra skill working here) pep rally + lotsa excited people + excited me + totally gorgeous girl running around and dancing=very happy me.

But seriously, I can't get this girl out of my head. (not that I want to. ;) ) But really, when I fall, I fall hard and serious. And of course, she has to be straight. Why can't I fall for some nice gay/bi girl? I always have to fall for the beautiful, *straight*, unavailable girl. Well, you probably can't blame me. This girl has got it all. She's gorgeous, incredibly smart, and really sweet and nice. She's one of the few preps who talks to me just 'case. But why? Why does she have to be straight AND have a boyfriend?

I am a little happy though, because I got to give her a hug today. And not just because I got to get close to her, but I'm hoping I maye helped just a teensy-tiny bit. She came in so much less than her usual cheerful self. It was so bad *I* even noticed it...well, bad example. She just looked unhappy. But anyway, I came up, put my arm around her shoulder and just told whatever it was, I hoped it was okay. And now I sound like a complete dork, so I'm gonna stop. But anyway, what I'm saying is, I have the incredible un-common sense to fall in love with a straight girl.


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the straight girl been there got my heart broken i hope the best for you tho i really hope it will work out for you best of luck