i need help on this situtation. PLEASE COMMENT!

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im dating someone im totally in love with and everything is perfect when im with her. but there is another girl, who to make it clear, i do NOT want or like in any way shape or form. but she keeps calling me and talking to me when were in class together. she wants me to forgive her for something. heres the storyy

a couple days ago she went with me to the gym. we were orginally friends who met at my colleges gay club thing. anyway, we ran for a long long time maybe 4 or 5 miles and we talked the whole time. she asked me if i wasn't with my girlfriend would i date her. i said that i didnt know i hadnt thought about it and that i was happy with my girlfriend. well, after we were done running i went into the locker room to take a shower before our next class. i was standing under the shower head just thinking about everything and she steps in behind me and starts to touch my shoulders and arms and kiss my neck. i shoot out of there and get dress and leave. now, she wants to be friends again but i dont know if i can. she crossed a line i made very clear she shouldnt cross. im very in love with my girlfriend and i would never hurt her like that. but what do i do. do i still be friends with her even though i cant trust that she wont try anything with me? or do i just leave it the way it is ignoring her and avoiding her? she really cool but i dont want anything to happen. if she kisses me, even though i wont kiss back ill still feel like shit and my girlfriend will leave me. im so scared!!


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not sure...

Not sure exactly what there is to comment about.

Tell her, again, you have a relationship. There is no option for you to get together, and that if she wants to be your friend, that's cool, but it has to stay just friends. And if she tries anything like that again, it's over.

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Maybe tell your girlfriend tr

Maybe tell your girlfriend truthfully about it ahead of time, so if you give her a second chance and she tries something and you gf's upset, it won't seem like you're making up a story suddenly.

I'm a great believer in second chances. I mean, sometimes it's hard to restrain yourself when you really like someone, but still...that was very poor judgement of the other girl's. However, it doesn't seem right to not grant forgiveness at least once, although I could understand if you didn't feel comfortable--they are your relationships. Just make thigns clear to everyone.

We're with you and we love you and it's okay to be scared. We all are sometimes.
"Oh frabjous day!"

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Hmmm...you are one lucky lady haha

I think that I would still be friends with her, just let her know whats going on. I would definately be pissed off if one of my friends started to touch me, but I think my girlfriend would understand and trust that I wouldn't do anything back. You did the right thing by walking out, but the way you were analyzing what she said makes it seem like you might like the attention. Thats a good thing to have people crushing on you, as long as you are only with your girlfriend its all kosher.


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She'll understand

If u love her give her a chance to understand, in one of the poems you wrote that she thinks about you, so yah, n e ways , my name is Devyn so i like ur writings lol yah