I need to rant! (But it is for a good reason)....=)

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So, before we begin, I just wanted to tell everyone something that I think you would all enjoy. So, October 11th was National Coming Out Day, and, what GLEE (Gays Lesbians and Everybody Else) did was had a gay cake with a rainbow flag and people ate that, signed a banner with the sentence "I would support someone who came out to me" and colored their own Safe Zone signs. Anyway, another thing we had done is put up the Gay Pride Flag on the flag pole near the entrance of the campus. Anyway, 16 days later, it is still up!!! WOO-WOO!! I imagine there have been plenty of complaints, but that red, blue, purple, etc, is still hanging up out there. It was out for Open House, Family Weekend, and by golly, we plan on leaving it out till The Laramie Project is performed by Babson's Performing arts department.

To continue on that thought, nearby Newton South High School put up a performance of The Laramie Project last weekend. Apparently, Fred Phelps got a whiff of this and planned to protest the performance of the play. (If you do not know who Fred Phelps is, just go to wikipedia.org and type his name in, they have a great section on who he is and what he is about.) So, in reaction to this planned protest, NSHS's Gay Straight Alliance, held a silent counter Protest. On top of that, GLEE and Olin College's OPEN, (GLBT CLUB) accepted donations for each minute Fred Phelps would be protesting.

Well, it has been successful. Many people have donated. In the end, Fred Phelps decided not to show up because he planned on protesting the funerals of soldiers killed in the Iraqi war. He is truly a weird person. But, with all do respect, I must thank Fred Phelps. Why you ask? Well, not only did NSHS's production of The Laramie Project sell out for all the days it played, we were also able to raise money which will ultimately be donated to The Matthew Shepard Foundation. Thanks Freddy! And thanks to all of you who took the time to read my rant!