i'm stuck in the closet

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ok, just had to share this... just as i'm looking around on my newfound
favorite website, my religious right friend asks if i've had any crushes
lately... oh, now that i've accepted that i'm gay for myself i'm feeling
so damn closeted. i told her no and she says that's no fun. indeed.
ok, any suggestions for starting to come out to close friends?? perhaps
not the one i've just referred to, but tonight i was so excited that i'd
accepted my sexual orientation and found a website and started a journal
and everything... and i had no one to tell. i'd at least like to tell my
closest friend... and i have a slight feeling that she might be gay too.
hmm... really, i'd just like to have somebody to talk to about it, the
website is great, awesome in fact, but i'd like a human face to talk
to, so, any ideas?


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try talking to your closest f

try talking to your closest friend about how she feels about homosexuality if you dont already know if she is ok with it or not. bring it up in a conversation, start with talking about gay marrage ( i know i couldnt of spelled that right, but its ), or watch a movie with a gay character in it, if you need a way to bring it up in the conversation. if she seems okay with the idea, id most definately tell her.

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thanks, the think isi know sh

thanks, the think isi know she's ok with homosexuality in general... i've heard many of her rants about homophobia, as well as her cousin's commitment ceremony, i even sometimes get the feeling that she might be gay (maybe). i'm just not 100% sure how she'd react to me being gay, and i don't know how to bring it up. i was thingking maybe i could just, like maybe in during one of her rants mention how when i was younger i'd always just think to myself, 'i can't be gay, it's against my religion' or something like that. she's pretty perceptive, so that would at least open up the topic. i don't know, this whole business has me quite stressed...

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* the thing is, i know and

* the thing is, i know

and she never ranted about her cousin's commitment ceremony, she told me stories about it...
sorry, i can't type

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I think just stick with the s

I think just stick with the show or movie idea.. it usually works. watch a movie or show with a gay character and then start on the topic of gays and how you feel about it and then let the conversation go from there... well maybe that could work...did for me.. Keep us posted!!!

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