I'm Writing This on my PSP!

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It may not work though :-)


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dud3, that is 5o l337!!!

No. Really. =)

Hows the inet off that thing? I'm waiting for the US realeased version to have a decent webbrowser like the Korean version. Don't know why WE can't have cool featues on our toys right off the bat . . .

So hows the tipign work? mini-keyboard? fold up keyboard? stylus and onscreen letter-menu?

And is there an actual browser, or did yo have to backdoor it usign that game?

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It only works in broadband ar

It only works in broadband areas, so it's something to do with that- and nope, you don't need a game. The typing thing is annoying for me- it's a little like text messaging in the letter layout, but I might be getting a little keyboard for the PSP sometime soon.

I must admit I love Nintendogs too- and I only played a 5 minute demo! But my Dad bought me Clara (yep, I named my PSP) and I'm not one to refuse a present :P

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Curse those Nintendogs and their incessant pooping!


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.... Hats.

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Hehe. I tried to write from

Hehe. I tried to write from my PSP too a while back, but it didn't work for me. I'm still getting used to it. Do you have any games for it? If so, which ones? I don't have any yet. Just the net. =)

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hang on. you can get OL f

hang on.

you can get OL from the PSP without a game now?
Hows that work?

I know that when it came out you needed to use the 'upload expansion' webbrowser part of a certain game to f'nangle your weay online.

In game-only terms: I hear lumines is good.

Although I must admit I have my eye on them fuzzy nintendogs. ^_^;