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What is Islam's view of homosexuality? I have not been able to find a good explation of what it is.


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Hmmm...I'm not sure either, t

Hmmm...I'm not sure either, that would be interesting to know. Yet, since they also stem from Judaism and Christianity, I think they may be against it.


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Gee,I wonder what they are,it

Gee,I wonder what they are,it's hard to know their stance after two boys were hung for possessing a peculiar sexual orientation *HINT,HINT*.

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Keep in mind Iran is not only

Keep in mind Iran is not only Muslim but run the reaglue offacles as well.I kind of meant U.S. Muslims. I did read in book it is seen as ok if it done desrcly.
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fundamentalists usually belie

fundamentalists usually believe it's a sin worse than adultery.

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One has to also take into con

One has to also take into consideration the fact of gender roles.In most monotheisms,the man is supposed to be the dominant figure and the female a submissive figure.This,in turn,permits us to assume that for a man to fall into the submissive role(i.e. being penetrated) is like to stoop so low towards the "level" of women.Such happening thus perplexes those who are accustomed to the norm,and aggresion ensues.This not only happens in religion,in the American society,a man is supposed to be The Man,strong,assertive.It is seen as preposterous for a man to submit to another man(this is the public opinion of gay males).Have you seen the beer commercials? Yesterday,I saw a Miller Lite commercial perpetrating the most recalcitrant Macho message.Society has a long way to go yet from debunking social barriers set long ago by ignorant brutes who saw it fit to come up with such barriers just because they resented their childhood misfortunes and thus want others to suffer the same inconveniences they faced.

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I'll ask a Muslim I know.

I don't know enough to give you a definate answer that I would be doing justice to the religions real position, however I do know two muslims who will be able to give a good explanation. I'll post them once I get a chance to talk to them.
Its important to remember that what a lot of Muslim countries now and in history have done concerning gender roles have been connected more to that particular regions culture then to the Qu'ran its self.
Another thing to keep in mind is that there is what the religion believes and then there is what the belivers actually believe.

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Oh,but the Qu'Ran has everyth

Oh,but the Qu'Ran has everything to do with it.In one of its passages,it states that women were created for a man's pleasure.It expounds the fact that a man should or should not strike his wife according to her behavior.I'm not speaking for others,but to me,justifying domestical violence and gender subservience is enough to prove the point that gender roles ARE exerted by religion.Another example is sexual intercourse.In early Christianity,there were even rules on what positions were allowed for sexual intercourse,thus the "missionary" position.Religion has always been a paramount facet in the core of cultures.It influences our expressions and thought processes,and to say that religion is a separate entity from cultural notions is rather misleading,or ambiguous at best.