Just some more poems

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Wrote this one last night
I've gotten to the point that I see how I've made
it this far. Sharp shiney objects its all I needed
I'm keeping myself from slidding over the edge
I've been here alone all my life and I've got
no need for anyone right know
I decide last night that maybe I wanted to end
it all I stood on the side looking over
trying to find a way out I decide that I have
what I needed in my reach.
We have pills that kill knifes that bite guns
that just push I'll run I'll hide but in the end
I have my choice go with no pain yet I wonder
what will happen to me when I'm dead and gone will
it be black will it be like an out of body
experience I wish I knew I'd tell you so you
would know I would be fine

Silly was two days ago
And you thought I was chasing a silly dream and
know I'm chasing my dream come closer get to know
me cause I'm not as simple as I seem. There are
nights I've wanted to die and god I've asked
him many times why I'm like this
A silly dream became my reality become something
I needed to stay alive was all I had to stay sober
some nights I'd stand and be in the dark and now
that love was something I didn't want
You call me crazy and you call me a silly girl
saying I didn't want love just yet was I stupid
you'd ask didn't I relize I was suppose to marry
a "man" have kids didn't I relize I was stupid
and that when I did want love no guy would want me
My silly dream from this stupid girl has made me
happier than anything else goa gave me a gift
he made me different and I am happy that I'm not
the same as you cause you and people like you make
me sick hows that for a silly stupid girl.

Brown Wrote part after my Break up with Britney and
then when I broke up with V
I'm trying to earse brown eyes I'm trying to
earse memorys I'm trying to replace it with pain
replace it with tears
See I liked the hurt I liked bringing the pain
to the surface brown eyes asking me to take care
of it and yet hoping I'd fail and most of the time
I would
I would be trying to get to the surface I would
be swimming looking for a hand only to see brown
eyes mocking me amused that I was failing and laughing
Thats not what I want so I suffer and finally break
down and cut
I'm getting to the point I can walk down the street
without seeing us as a couple and fooling myself
by saying I loved you but I don't
Your brown eyes are slowly fading from my memory
cause I finally look back and saw it was you
that failed cayse you didn't want me to be happy
or safe I'm glad I'll soon be free from your eyes