Kansas City

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Okay, so at the end of the month I'm going to Kansas City, Mo for
two weeks. I don't really want to be there, but I have no choice.
I made a promise to a friend and I keep my word. Even if that
means two weeks of secluded bordum in a hotel room. Any ideas on
what I could do during the middle of the day in Kansas City that
won't get me killed or injured and doesn't cost an arm and a leg?


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haha, im from st. louis mo an

haha, im from st. louis mo and i just want to wish you good luck and remember it could be worse, you could live there...

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Um...go window-shopping and p

Um...go window-shopping and play dress-up? If you're into that...I sure am! I've never been there, but if it's a freaky homophobic city, stay in big metropolitan malls, maybe?


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you should go to city market

you should go to city market or down to the plaza.

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alone...all day...in a hotel

alone...all day...in a hotel room.....TAKE A GIRL!!! :P or a book, your choice.

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