lies lies lies

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"its what people want to hear."

"I'll tell you about lies. There are white lies and black lies... and many shades of grey lies. But some lies are justified. Lies told out of kindness. Lies that preserve dignity.

Lies that spare pain.

Everybody's a liar, dear. Look at that.
She's about to tell her lover something patently untrue.
Look at their gestures. See how they touch each other too intimately.
How they avert their eyes and cover their mouths.
They lick their teeth.
And hold their chins.
They embellish their stories with far too much detail."

There's that thing about people wanting to put all the gay material into a big bucket, um, and call it the same. That's annoying.

I think that people are fed up with being backed into a corner and being marginalized and told what their lifestyle is.