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About a year ago my brother and his girlfriend broke up. She moved out of their
appartment with their child, my beautiful niece Ashleigh. That kid is amazing.
She's only 4 but boy does she know things most 4 year olds shouldn't. Last night
I was watching Miami Ink with her, and she told me that she wanted to get a
tattoo just like her auntie. She wants a rose on her forearm. I told her that
when she turns 18 I'll go and get her her rose tattoo for a present. I doubt
she'll remember it, but whocares.
Anywho, when my bro and the stupid girl broke up, she moved out and went to
live with her coworker at the time. After a few months her roommate got pissed
and kicked her out, now I understand why. She called my mom and I first and
told us about it, and ofcourse feeling sympathetic for her we told her she
could stay with us. BIG MISTAKE! So now she and Ashleigh live with my mom and
I, and don't get me wrong I love having my niece here 24/7 most of the time, but
it's her I can't stand. She never shuts up, she never helps around the house,
my mom doesn't make her pitch in with the bills (lucky bastard because once I get
a job even I have to help with the bills), she doesn't keep her own damn room
clean, she's hardly home to take care of her daughter, did I mention that she
never shuts up.
Seriously, this girl always has to be talking. Jabber, jabber, blah, blah, blah.
It's the most annoying thing in the world. She can't just say one thing and stop,
she just HAS to keep going. I could keep on for like 25pages of this but for
the sake of my health and your health, I'll stop while I'm ahead.
Do any of you guys have someone in your house who is like that, just never shuts
the hell up or takes a helping hand forgranted??? I just want to know that
I'm not the only one being driven crazy by a now unwanted house guest.


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yeah, that doesn't sound like

yeah, that doesn't sound like fun. try focusing on your niece. her mother might not be the greatest to be around, but now your neice will have a good place to stay and the two of you will be closer. four is also an awesome age to be around, they say the best things. hang in there.

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That's harsh. Maybe talk to y

That's harsh. Maybe talk to your mom about the way she's acting and see if you guys can both talk to her. Until then, concentrate on your niece. And draw tattoo ideas with her - it encourages her to be creative and it's lots of fun! I do that with my little cousin and he loves it - he wants a tattoo when he's older as well.