my worries

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okay so i recently enrolled in college and have been having a blast. my major is history education. but im worried that i wont be a good teacher. im worried that i wont be able to make a diffrence. i love kids and everything. if they have to go to high school why not maie it enjoyable for them. but still will me being gay have a negative effect? shoudl it be known im gay? i mean im not going to wlka in the first day and be like hey everyone my name is miss. roberts and im a lesbian. i know that but if it comes up should i deny it. is the job worth my pride. its so far away still but. what if i cant do this. im scared


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i dont know about the law the

i dont know about the law there, but most places hav equal opportunity acts, so you cant be dismissed on grounds of your sexuality. im sure it wouldnt cause a problem with colleges (sp?) because teachers generally want to help people and promote diversity - thats why they became teachers, although every school is different. as for pupils - think how much it could help questioning children to have a gay adult to look up to or feel they could talk to. you would be a role model and this would probably help gay/stragiht relations between kids too. i think that if its a liberal school, then being out should be fine - although there is no need to walk in a write it on the blackboard. im sure you'll do great.

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you'll be a great teacher

we have a chem teacher thats a lesbian and its no big
i think u should just tell the people who ask
aslong as ur a nice teacher thats down to earth
all the kids will be coo to u =]

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at my school...

At my school we had one openly gay teacher and no one really seemed to care. But there was another teacher that everyone thought was gay but wasn't open about it, and people joked about him more than the lesbian teacher. And I don't think anyone will come up and ask you though, so I wouldn't worry about it. I agree with Rowie though, that it might be good for questioning kids. I always wished I had a teacher I could have talked with. Anyway, I would say cross that bridge when you get to it.