New Boring life

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So I just off the phone with my brother in law.
I just got finished eating and I just got off of
work and in all that time I have drove myself
crazy because I need to get work done and at least
go get some sleep before I have to wake up in the
morning and do it all again. It sucks because I have
so much home work this weekend and I don't have time
to study or time to write my home work. Plus
I have a 10 page paper due on the "wonderful" FCC
and how they work. And the tour I took of my historic site and
I am helping a friend on mine with her RPG Game
she is setting up and trying to get people I know
in my life and by my email address to join her
website and game because she wants people
to join her game and I just want to sleep and eat
because the chance that I get to do either is very
rare. I strave myself most days and don't get much
to drink but maybe a slushy every know and then
and maybe some water and the tickets I have to get
food only go to waste because it takes so long before
I get to eat. I hate this job and sometimes I hate
my life. Because right know I am so numb
that only tears get past me and I am not sure that
right know I am stable.
OH and the girl I wrote about a few jounals back
she is lesbian or at least bi because she was
taking about how she had a date with a girl tonight
and she was hoping it was a good date because her
friends set her up on a blind date and she said she
was worried about it and I was like wow she does
like girls still that means nothing because that
doesn't mean she likes someone like me. She's open
about liking girls thought she made sure everyone
in that store knew she didn't care if they don't like
her because of it. I like that she is like that
because no one should have to hide anything about
themselves love who you are and embrace it and
theN We all move on in are lives.