New Job

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Hum I have a new job. Yesterday I had a GSA meeting
with my high school students. Well I stayed a little
longer after the meeting to fill out some paper
work. I was sitting at the computer when I heard a
knock on the door.
I looked up and saw "Lisa" one of my GSA students
standing at my office door. She asked if she could
speak to me. I was like sure does the door need to be
open or shut. She asked that it be shut. Which
is fine because my office door is glass and I have a window. Its
a nice room for someone who only spend two days
there. Well anyways back to the point. I know
a little bit about Lisa. Just that she is a Sopmore
And that last year she introduced herself she said
that he parents are very strict and didn't want her
to join this club. She said they where closed minded
and wanted her to be just like them and she joined
the group to meet people who wheren't like her.
So she comes into the office and sits in one of the
chairs and says she wants to tell me something
but she doesn't want me to tell anyone else. I
told her that was a given the mintue she shut the
door inless it was abuse or she was going to kill
herself and then I would have to tell because it
was part of my job. (Its sad what jobs my degree
can get.) She saids its none of those things
I was like o.k. what is it.
She said I am lesbian
I was like O.K. how can I help?
She said she wanted to know how I told my parents
I told her I didn't my sister saw me and told.
She got quiet she is an only child and wants siblings
and has said many times in group that she
would love to have as many siblings as I have and
I have offered to give her a couple of mine.
She fine asked if it was going to make her parents
I took a while to think about this. I then decide to
answer as truthfully as I could. I told her it might
but if they honestly still wanted anything to do
with her it would all work out and if they didn't
she knew she had people who would have her back.
There was no way they would pull her out of this
school since her mom and dad went here and her
grandparents went here too. She won't be leaving us
and she promised to tell me how it went on Monday
she plans to tell them on Sunday, after church.
I by the way have a new job at a sub shop of
some kind that I don't know how to spell the name
of but I am working there So its all good. I am
hopefully going to get money.I hope everything goes
good with Lisa and her family.
By the way I have also found other ways to cut
myself and Jess is spending more time at my house
with my godson and I have been cutting less and
less because my godson is just the greatest baby in
the world and he had taken to call me A. Jess
calls me his aunt. Because we are so close but I
wish I could tell the whole story on that girl
it makes me mad and happy in the same moment. But
I love her like a sister and for the moment I
think I will keep that part of me closed till
it is needed maybe to help someone else.