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I've just pulled into a car park, my sister is sitting in the passenger seat. I open the car door and check the white line.
"Am I straight?"
I then realise what I'm asking myself.
"Um nope definetely not straight.. far from it"
I answered my own question with confidence and was giggling inside. Well I found it funny..

Haven't written for a while. I just finished watching queer as folk on tv, it's a great show. I was watching it with my friend Timmy, it's cool how I felt I could relate to all the queer jokes. I still haven't come out to him yet tho.. I feel like I really want to.. but then I think that I don't want him to be the first one to know. He's a close mate but I would rather tell my sister first.. but it's too hard for me to even imagine doing that anytime soon. God I seriously do admire all you people who have told your family and friends. I was feeling all happy and proud after watching queer, almost ready to just tell Timmy straight out. We're at the train station, no one in sight, peaceful quiet night and a perfect moment to get it over and done with. Nope couldn't do it.

I think I have a little crush. On a boy. He lives in the apartment upstairs.. yeah he's hot and he said hi to me. It's unusual.. but I do miss that giddy lusty feeling. The cute girl who worked at the chemist isn't there anymore, I try to see if she's there everytime I walk past but no luck..


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just tell him then! I person

just tell him then! I personally think it helps a ton to tell a person that you are comfortable with first, kind of like a trial run. The right time will come.