Off For Two Weeks

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I'm heading off to Kansas City tomorrow morning. YAY! Nine hour drive
is going to rock my socks! *cough cough* I won't be back for about
two weeks, and I'm not entirely sure if I'll be able to check in on
everyone here so I'll miss all of you- even the ones I don't talk to.

I just wanted to tell everyone how things with telling my friend, Sam
went. She handled it rather well. As I've mentioned before, I am not
so great with words when it comes to speaking, so I fumbled around
for the longest time trying to figure out the best way of telling
her. It went a little something like this...

First of all, I scared the bejesus out of her by leaving a message on
her cell phone saying I had something very important to talk about.
Yea, note to self, never do that one again.

I started out mummbling about God knows what. I can't even remember.
Then I said something like, "Okay, what I have to tell you is going
to shock you. And I'm not sure how to go about telling you." She
asked the usual questions, had a couple good ones in there too. My
favorites were: "are you pregnant? you're not moving are you? are
you mad at me? is it something bad?"

And after her nice game of 20 questions, she asked the big one.
"Are you gay?!" Well, she almost fell out of her chair when my
answer was, "yes." She was just asking in a jokingly way. She
didn't think that that was what I was going to tell her. She sat
there for a couple minutes and I told her,"I was afraid of telling
you because I knew how you felt about lesbians. And if you really
want me to go to school in Iowa with you, and live with you, I
felt you should know this. And I really need you to be accepting
of me."

The next comment out of her mouth was, "Oh that's cool. I'm okay
with it. I've never had a gay friend before." It was awesome. Never
felt better in my life. Then she went on asking me the next batch
of questions..."How long have you known? Are you sure? Etc." And
when I answered the how long have I known question she got a little
pissed. I said, "Since about June." Her reply, "You've known since
June and you JUST told me?!?!" She loved that answer. It was great.

But finally being able to tell her took a while. I was suppose to meet
her at 11 A.M. for breakfast, but I wasn't told that I had to wait
at the oral surgeons while Jess got her teeth pulled. So I had to call
Sam and tell her all about it and what not. She sat at the restaurant
until almost 12:30 waiting for me. But my mom and Jess were with and
I could tell her with them around. Then I made plans that after I
went to the pharmacy I'd meet her at her house. 2 P.M. is when I was
finally able to sit down and chat with her. And I only had an hour
because at 3 I had to pick my niece up from preschool.

Then tonight I told my other friend that I was gay. I was going to
wait to tell her until after I got back from Kansas City, but she is
going up to Northern Michigan University sometime next week and she
has asked me if I had any questions that I wanted answered while she
was up there. My first question was, check out the nursing program.
And then we chit chatted a little more and I was like, "Wait, I have
one more question. Check and see if they have a GSA." She didn't know
what GSA was so I had to explain it to her. The next thing out of her
mouth was, "Are you a lesbian, tots?" Shocked her a little with my
answer of "yes" also.

She also didn't care. She said that she's fine with it, and that it's
not a bad thing that I'm gay. She actually said that she doesn't
have a problem with gay people. But I think it still irks her a little.
It at least confuses her, I can tell just by the way she was talking
to me after I had told her. But it's okay. At least she doesn't
care to much.

I now have the hiccups, and they won't go away. But the moral of my
story is, I am 3 for 3 in telling people and they being okay with
it. It's very comforting to know that they don't care.

Well, I'll talk to you all in 2 weeks. And you better have some good
stories when I return. I know I will. My crazy aunt thinks that she's
somehow going to be able to get me into a bar and drink even though I'm
only 18. And I'm not a huge drinker. But hey, wish me luck. I'll be
back in a couple weeks.


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yey!!! i knew it would go wel

yey!!! i knew it would go well telling sam, well done honey!!! i bet you're relieved now. have a great 2 weeks, and drop me a message when you are back. xx

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