Officially Have become the "Gay Girl"

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Well, it has officially happened. I have lost my mind. I was reeeeeeeally bored this morning so I took this white undershirt and a dry-erase marker and wrote on the front: "Let's get something straight..." then on the back I wrote: "I'm not." And wore it to school. Mind you I wore it under a sweatshirt, but the heat works incredibly well in our school so I wore just the shirt in Drama, where everyone was incredibly cool about it and in English, where everyone was also incredibly cool about it. Actually it was kind of surprising, given the area I live in. I guess they only have problems with gay guys. (go figure.)


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Cool Tee!

Oh man, that is so cool "Let's get something straight...I'm not". I only WISH I could be that self confidant and assured. That's great that you were so open, gives real inspiration to the rest of us.


"It's lucky for you, my man... or you would find yourself in
Queer Street."

-Inspector Lestrade, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Second Stain"

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this guy at my school wore th

this guy at my school wore this shirt on national comming out day that said "some streets go both ways.... so do I" it was pretty cool... comming out with shirts is totally awesome... i wish i

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*laughs* That's awesome! And

*laughs* That's awesome! And it's great people were cool about it-sometimes we don't give people much credit:).


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This always leads to interesting conversations on my part!

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Ah enjoy your new title. In fact this is all you will be known as for several years

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That's cool. I'm glad it went

That's cool. I'm glad it went so well! ^_^

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When you start selling those shirts I want one first
cool deal that everyones good with it.

Don't worry you're just as sane as I am

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Oooh...i think i might use a

Oooh...i think i might use a shirt to come out at school...of course thats like a few years away (that gives me plenty of time to get some ideas)


*Hopelessly, I'll love you endlessly*