Outed To The School

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Ok, so last week I got outed to the school. It all happened during a pretty innocent Chemistry lesson, when a guy asked me if I was a lesbian (we'd been having this conversation ages before- it wasn't just a spur of the moment thing.) I suddenly felt like I wasn't gonna hide it anymore, and I told him the truth, "Yep- I'm into girls, plus Johnny Depp." He looks really shocked, and is speechless for a little while, but by that time somebody else has heard and it spreads all over the classroom. Next thing I know, I'm being asked questions in every class. Groups of whispering girls look over at me and suddenly go quiet when I walk past. My normal paranoia is suddenly increased a thousand-fold, and I keep my head down and ignore everyone.

But then I get people coming up to me and saying, "Well done- that tooks guts," and people who tell me they'll look out for me, and I should tell them if anyone's getting onto me. People are starting to seem more curious, rather than actually being bothered. I answer their question as truthfully as I can, but drawing the line at the personal ones- naturally.

So yeah, that's my story. Apart from a few idiots, it's been pretty great!

Plus Becky, the straight girl I have a crush on, doesn't seem bothered at all. So far today she's hugged me, been flirting and joking about our sex lives, called me her 'girlfriend' in front of some lads and just acted like the sweetest person on Earth. Such a shame she's straight- and I know for definite she is.


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That is really cool..i wish i

That is really cool..i wish i had the guts to do that.. Great job!!!

what is 'normal'?

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Congratulations! And that's pretty cool, that
people are sticking up for you. :)

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dun be ashamed at all, im bi and finally i told someone and everyone knew, at first girls where avoidin me and now its like a fad .... My best friend told me she is and tons of girls and guys love it so im like whoa... ima trend setter

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Kick ass

Pretty kick ass. Sounds like when I came out to the school

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You came out?!

Oh my fucking God. D:

Like I've said before, I admire people who are brave enough to come out.

I can't believe you did it.

That's soo awesome.

Guess what, a better opportunity to find a sexy lady. x3

I'm proud of you. <3

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This is what is happening to

This is what is happening to me but much slower. Just cuz I'm not that well know lol.

I'm as queer as a gold fish in tap shoes

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You'll get through this. :) P

You'll get through this. :) People just need to get used to it, but if you live in a very conservative city, I'm sorry that happened to you, but look at the bright side. In the closet lesbians and bisexual girls might be more willing to come out because you opened the way. Just remember this, I don't remember who said it but this is condensed, take the road less traveled.

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Good for you

Good for you! It does take a lot of guts to come out! Congrats!
Oh- and I'm also pretty much a lesbian except for Johnny Depp- I just thought it was cool that someone else is mostly into girls and likes Johnny Depp. I had thought I was the only one.
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Yay Lisa! V cool thing to do

Yay Lisa! V cool thing to do - be out and proud and all that jazz!

Milly xxx

PS Becky - Straight girl my ass!

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Right on!!

Yay Lisa!!! That's so cool!

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well done thats great! people

well done thats great! people seem to be being pretty cool with you im glad its all working out. ignore the idiots and keep being proud!

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Good for you!

That's awesome, I wish I had your courage.

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Good job! Dealing with any of

Good job! Dealing with any of the idiots and keeping personal information personal, I mean. ^_^

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Yay! That's awesome that it hasn't been too awful or anything. I'm usually paranoid around school, too, but that's great that it worked out pretty well.

Sorry about Becky. It's cool she's so cool, though.

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