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Her Point
I watched her so many nights as she slept so peaceful
and wonder yet again why I was awake and she was
asleep and wHY I couldn't: sleep wasn't coming and I was
simply tossing and turning
For a long time she was the one I loved. For a long
time we where one of two. We where working thought
are problems then suddenly we where drifting apart
Like two different people suddenly. One day and one
night two so different that maybe one we dirfted far
We use to sleep peacefully in the same room and know
we can't every be the same people we where because
for years we've beaten areselfs up and walked
away because we where so feed up with each other
we couldn't do it anymore
The feelings in my life became so jumbled bumbled
mess in my head and I could even find out how I
truely felt and you slept and I paced and are worlds
finally feel apart you went your way and I went mine
leaving no trace of what was

I'm looking for myself have you seen her I'll keep
looking if you find her before me give her this
note I've been looking for lots of years
I am cutting to find a way out and yet I'm not
finding anything other than pain. I've got a habit
but I don't want to quit. I don't care how many
people think I am trying to be another her but I
am not
I am trying to find myself I should have when I was
a teenager bit I'm and adult and I have been thought
a lot and still don't know who I am I'm going
to find out one way or another
I walk into the room and all is hush and I blush
cause I'm simple here for the same reason you are
because my parents think they still have some control
over me and they think they can keep me on a chain they
can't I'll break it if they try and run away