PLEASE read this first!! (rules of the book club)

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+In discussion threads, please reply to the last comment, to keep discussion in order so people who finish reading later can still follow the discussion in choronological order, and not be confused by replies scattered thoughout. A number of people have already mentioned this. Some of you weren't listening.

You can copy/paste bits of other posts to make it clear what you're replying to. Just put it in itallics, or preface it with something like "SUPERGRAY SAID THIS DUMB THING:" or "TO RADCLIFFE GEEK:" or something similar.

+Please don't create multiple threads about what book you want read next. We had a 'first book' to read thread, we can have 'second book to read' and 'third book to read' threads as well. Everyone can post suggestions there, rather than having the book club flooded with several threads all suggesting different books and not necessarily taking the other suggestions (inconviniently located in their *own* threads) into consideration.

When we're done discussing the first book, we can have a 'voting' thread, rather than have the support for various books scattered about. Its just a lot easier to keep track of opinions this way.

+Please at least attempt to use use proper punctualization. Just. Please. (This one just pre-emptive.) Its hard to follow long responses that consist of one massive run-on sentance with not even a capital letter to clue one in on the beginning of the next sentance. I'm not asking for spell check or anything that tedious. Just make sure we can more-or-less understand you.

I think these are pretty basic and not too demanding. But if anyone objects or thinks I missed something, please reply. Just don't flood this thread with random chat/discussion or no one will read what rules we actually want adhered to.

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the first rule of book club

is you don't talk about book club.

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LOL -------------- HATE i


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I dont't like your rules. You

I dont't like your rules. You can't control how we talk and what we talk about so there are no rules. and If there are then Adrian makes them.

HATE is a strong word, but so is LOVE

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I think the rules are pretty good.

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Obviously they're not 'real' rules.

I just needed an attention-catching title.

Anyway, its all stuff people had said before in various threads. I just put them all in the same place. I figured it was pointless if people's good ideas & suggestions were hidden all in some by-the-way comment under a deluge of chat.

Take offense at my choce of wording if you want. its no biggy. I can edit it to "suggestions people have made about the book club" but its way, way less catchy.

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this is a bit unrelated - but

this is a bit unrelated - but how do you actually do the italics or bold or colours and stuff? ive never managed to figure this out.

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just hit /i/ and it goes to italics

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