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So I finally met my dad. Just like my mom, he`s an old, eccentric professor, and nuttier than a fruitcake. Not very good atat smalltalk, I have to say. It was okay I guess, but I didn`t like him giving me all this stuff, like he was sorry or something. I would much rather get to know the man, than take his money. He probably just feels bad for him not coming to visit before, and now I`m here visiting him instead. Mom is going to a conference, so I`ll be left alone with him for a couple of days. Looking forward to see how that turns out. Seems he doesn`t know how to cook at all ( in my opinion, a sign of an outdated man)so I guess I`ll be spending some time in the kitchen.

I told my mom last night about my being gay, just like that. We were having dinner at this Chinese place close to where we`re staying, and the waiter was the most steriotypical gay man I`ve ever encountered. And mom was like "well he sure was a member of the family" I just looked up and smiled. Then the subject changed to me having asked her for a shrink just before we left. I just said I needed someone to talk to and stuff. Thats when she asked if it had anything to do with me not having a girlfriend. "More like a boyfriend," I said. She looked like she choked on her food or something> it was really quite funny. I suspect she just thought I was joking before, when I said I was bi (which I am not.. it was a compromise)

We ended up talking long after we finished eating.

I am pondering wether to tell my dad about my sexuality. It seems a bit weird, given how little I really know him. But then on the other hand, it`s going to be a long time until we see eachother next. And I can tell he`s not a letter scribbling kind of guy. Maybe I should... Or not... I`m really torn: does it matter anyway? I mean, why should he know who I want to be with, when he doesnt even know what my friends names are, what kind of music I like, or what kind of books and films enjoy? But I can imagine it would help him understand me in some ways. hmmmm