Princes Familiar

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Today was an okay day today. Nothing much happened. But yesterday, I
got a brand new Alanis Morissette CD. It was called MTV Unplugged. It's a
live CD but it still sounds really good. And what makes me feel best is the
fact that she doesn't use sound enhancements to make her sound better.
She makes her voice "clearer" with sound enhancements. But the reason
why I call this journal entry "Princes Familiar" because that is the name
of one of the songs. It's really nice but not as good as "King of Pain".
And the reason why I choose this as the title is because the song is so
catchy. It remains stuck in my head right now. But it's only the chorus.
Anyway, today nothing much happened. But I did manage to talk a little
more to one of my only male acquaintances, Jeff, a little more. He is
actually really nice but one of his closest friends is leaving for Las
Vegas tomorrow leaving him to have not too many close friends in our art
class. I can't tell much about him but if everything goes my way, I will
become one of his best friends. But if my assumptions go my way, we might
become more...


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i have that !

i have that cd. its great isnt it? fave is No Pressure Over Cappuccinno...its kinda depressing though.

j x

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I have that CD too. Som

I have that CD too.

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hahaha i love your sig haha~steph