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THere is a reason I didn't call you back
there is a reason I didn't look at you
There is a reason I don't talk to you
there is a reason I don't care any more
When you slammed that door in my face I stopped
careing and I stopped talking
I don't want to hear you excuse and I don't want
to hear your "i'm sorry." I am done and thought
and you found out my reason and if you don't know why
are you still standing here just go get out and
leave me alone. Cause standing on you pouch looking
at your door I whispered my last goodbye it doesn't
matter it was a misunderstanding and it doesn't matter
that you want another chance cause I have given
and given you chance after chance till I am tired
of giving and I want something in return. Can't
you see I don't want to be the reason you said you
wasted you life on me. See I gave three years of my
life to and if you wasted your three years what did
I do with mine?