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Just got back from a midnight rocky horror picture show. it was awesome, i fluffed my hair, i think there's still some confetti and rice in there that i can't get out. the girl that played riff raff was really cute. it was my first midnight show
i didn't get marked as a virgin though (one who has never seen the show live) they mark a big red 'v' on your forehead. they asked if i'd seen the movie or the live show and i smoothly replied both. it was fairly tame though, all they did was sing to the people that had never seen it. tons of fun, though i must say, fishnets are quite uncomfortable. kinda disappointed i didn't get to kiss anybody... i went with one of my friends who i sometimes think is gay, but i don't know what to say or how to act, and i think that if she is gay, we're both too scared to make the first move, especially since she doesn't know that i'm gay. so i need to tell her, but i can't figure out how. and there have been plenty of opportunities, really homosexuality is a frequent conversational topic for us. i was hoping some cute girl... anyway, i was also with my freshman roommate, who definately would not be comfortable with my gayness, but a lot of the girls at the show were lesbians... oh well. and i suppose i can't complain anyway, i was dressed as magenta, tons of make up and all, and she's a rather scary character, and she and her brother have a thing for each other (quite twisted). i'm off to bed, night all!


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That would be quite a night!!

That would be quite a night!!! LOL.Glad all went well!!! it would be fun to go too it... Have a great day!!!

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I went to see that last night

I went to see that last night too! what a conicidence lol. Yeah i did get marked a virgin...and i had to go up on stage with the other "virgins"... we had the make thrusting motions...ah it was a bit embarassing. I will say it was quite and experience! lol.

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omg i really wanna see the li

omg i really wanna see the live show sooo badly...i actually liked the movie even tho it was weird but i'm deff. gonna see the live show b4 i die lol