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So today, this girl who doesn't know I'm gay (no one does, but I have a feeling that some might have guessed it, this person definately has no clue)decided it would be fun to come over and sit on my lap. Thank goodness i'm not attracted to her, because not only did she just sit on my lap, she sat down facing me (straddled would be the word, i guess) and refused to get up. And today, I overheard her saying how gay people bother her, so I have to make a mental note not to come out to her. Ah. I have to come out to somebody soon. The internet is great, but I need somebody in the flesh in front of me to talk to. Oh well, all in good time, i suppose.


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So she has a problem with gay

So she has a problem with gay but people but came and straddled you? Yep that makes sense. When she sat on you, you should've told her she was turning you on, just to freak her out. I would've, it would've been funny as.

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haha, i wish i'd though of th

haha, i wish i'd though of that at the time... i'll a bit i was caught a bit off gaurd.

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